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Institute Outstanding Thesis Award (IOTA)

Institute Outstanding Thesis Award (IOTA) – An iota closer to your goals


Every semester the Institute of English Studies at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church awards a maximum of six Institute Outstanding Thesis Awards (IOTAs). Two awards can be assigned in each of the three major fields covered by the institute: literature, history/culture, and linguistics/translation.


Nominations for the award should be submitted jointly by the advisor and the reader of the thesis not later than 1 January or 1 June. To be eligible for the consideration of the award, a student will have received at least 33 points out of the maximum of 35 points in their Thesis Evaluation Report.


An Award Committee—consisting of the Head of the Institute of English Studies, the Heads of the Department of Literary and Cultural Studies in English and the Department of English Linguistics, and two other members of the institute—evaluates the submitted theses for academic excellence and recommends the thesis awards. The Committee’s decision needs to be affirmed by the Board of Examiners after the oral defence of the thesis at the student’s Final Exam.


Past Awardees


In 2021 the Organizing Committee awarded four IOTAs in January, and five IOTAs in June.
Awardees in June 2021:
Lejla Borsiczki (BA) ‘A Study on the Translation of Realia in European Union Texts’
Katalin Frey (BA) ’“Purest at first, now gross by sinning grown” The Gradual Deterioration of Satan’s Figure in Paradise Lost’
Gergely Molnár (TNA) ‘The Authenticity of John Smith’s True Travels’
Beatrix Nagy (MA) ‘Neo-Victorian Perspectives: Femininity and Madness in Misery and Gone Girl’
Anna Siklósi (BA) ‘Subtext in Animation Movies: The Portrayal of Political, Historical and Psychological Themes in Stop-Motion Films’
Awardees in January 2021:
Elina Amfer (BA) 'Audio Description of Gestures and Facial Expressions in Unbelievable'
Mariann Heniger (BA) 'Shakespearean Insults in the Light of Renaissance Physiognomy'
Fruzsina Kertész (Teacher Training Programme) 'Child Maltreatment in Edward St Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose Novels'
Vivien Votisky (BA) 'The United States Patriot Act and the Limits of Civil Liberties'
Due to the great number of excellent theses, from June 2021 on the Organizing Committee marks the exceptional achievement of the other candidates with a new form of award, the 'IOTA Honourable Mention'. The awardees in 2021 were: 
Gréta Antónia Fehértói (BA) ‘The Essence of Heroism in Beowulf’
Gabriella Kardos (BA) ‘Teaching Style and Learner Attitude in Foreign Language Learning’
Dóra Komjátiová (BA) ‘Rhyme or Reason? A Comparative Look at Rhyme in English and Hungarian Literature from a Translator's Point of View’
Orsolya Éva Marót (MA) ‘Subalternity Within and Beyond Black Communities: The Repression of Women in Kathryn Stockett’s The Help’
Sára Mitelle (BA) ‘The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: The Role of Religion’
Bíborka Radványi (BA) ‘The Importance of Fictive Reality in Interpretation’
Seo Chanmi (BA) ‘The Importance of the Two Generations in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights’
Eszter Szakács  (BA) ‘Dyslexia in English Language Teaching and Learning’
Dávid Utassy  (BA) 'The Syntax of English News Headlines'
Mária Varga  (BA) ‘The Public, Public Pressure, and a Ruler’s Responsibilities in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra’



Réka Hajner (BA) Hungarian Learners’ Perception of Intrusive-R in English


Enikő Kovács (BA) The Posthuman and Human Nature: Philosophical and Postcolonial Perspectives in the Series Entitled Humans


Petra Szabó (BA) Breathing New Life: Translating Shakespeare in Dead Poets Society




Sarah Boss (MA) A Very Fruitful Brain’: The Typological Worldview of Jonathan Edwards


Dávid Halmi (BA) The Relationship of Ethics and Aesthetics in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita


Édua Kovács (BA) Richard III and its Film Adaptations


Gyula Rákóczi (BA) The Vindolanda Tablets


Eszter Somogyi (BA) Gun Laws in America


Dorottya Tihanyi (BA) Dehumanization in Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange




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