Készült: 2021-04-19
Módosítás: 2021-06-11

Call for Papers

15th Biennial HUSSE Conference           

2-4 December 2021, Budapest, Hungary (on-site)

27-29 January 2022, Budapest, Hungary (online)

If organising on-site events becomes possible in the autumn semester, the conference will be held on 2-4 December at Károli Gáspár University. If attending large events still remains unsafe, the conference will be held online on 27-29 January.

Formed in 1993, the Hungarian Society for the Study of English (HUSSE) is the most significant scholarly society in Hungary devoted to the promotion and cultivation of English studies, in its versatile interdisciplinarity, ranging from literature through history to linguistics, from film studies through cultural studies to drama studies, and from British Studies through Irish, Canadian and Australian Studies to American Studies. The Society aims at disseminating the most recent developments in scholarship by providing a space for its members to present their research results at conferences and in publications, while it also forms a scholarly body of more than one hundred and eighty members, thus creating a supportive community both for its upcoming junior and established senior members to launch stimulating and invigorating dialogues in the best spirit of intellectual exchange which all parties can only profit from. HUSSE is a member association of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE).

The conference organisers:

HUSSE and the Institute of English Studies at Károli Gáspár University

invite participants to submit 250-word proposals

for panels, workshops and 20-minute presentations

in all fields of English Studies.

Keynote Speakers: 

Andor József

Honorary Professor, University of Pécs

Winner of the Országh Award in 2018

“Unwording the Word: Interpreting the Language of Samuel Beckett’s Prose”

Peter Sherwood

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Hungarian Language and Culture

Translator of Literary Fiction

London, United Kingdom

Winner of the Országh Award in 2016

"Holistic Translation Criticism: Towards a New Paradigm"

Further keynote speakers TBA

Language: English is the working language of the conference.

Panels: Panelists are responsible for organising their own panel/workshop.

Publication: edited volumes

Please submit abstracts via the following link: https://btk.kre.hu/konf/husse/

Abstract submission deadline: 6 September 2021.

Contact person: Levente Dobó, Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.